Partnering With International Courier Services Helps to Increase Network

The main objective of any international courier service is to provide its customers logistic services anywhere in the world. In order to provide logistic service throughout the world they may have to get associated with courier services of other countries. When they do so, they utilize their experience and the network of the other courier service, thus benefiting both.

Such a partnership was recently announced in Business Standard where Vakrangee declared that they were into partnership with Aramex India with their wholly owned subsidiary VLPL. With this partnership, they expect to broaden their offerings to their customers in the mainland of India.

You can find out that there are many other such partnerships going on in the business of international courier. Now, the question that arises, are they really beneficial or is it just a business tactic which may increase the overall cost of logistics?

Need for a partnership

Before you can explore whether such partnerships are beneficial, you must understand why such partnerships occur. Are these partnerships a way for increasing the total area covered under the network of the courier service provider, or is it something much more than that?

Naturally, the main aim of getting a partner in the courier service business is to increase the network but along with that there are certain formalities that can be reduced when you partner with courier services of another country.

Like, when you are establishing courier business in another land, you have to abide by the different legal formalities of that country. It is natural that these formalities will be simpler for a company whose base is in that particular country than it will be for a company that is exploring a foreign land. Thus, by partnering with a courier service provider in the country you want to expand your business, you ease out the legal formalities.

Moreover, the overall cost of setting up the logistics business in another country will be too high, and you will have to charge more from your customers. Now the question arises as to whether you can succeed in this competitive world by charging more to your customers, even if you provide the best service? In fact, you have to provide good services at reasonable rates. Thus, your partner will be your solution for setting up the whole new network. read more

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Benefits of the latest HP Design Jet T850 Multifunction

With increasing demands in an office, design studio, or company, there will be a need to update a computer printer. There may be an increase in work load. The need for even greater definition and clarity in the final print. The necessity of producing a larger scale final design. There a number of printers in the market. It may be worth considering looking at an HP DesignJet T830 Multifunction printer.

HP DesignJet T830 Multifunction

HP DesignJet T830 Multifunction Printer

An  HP DesignJet T830 Multifunction printer has the following features:

  • This can also be used as a scanner.
  • This latest model is half the size of previous models.
  • It has a robust construction and will last a long time.
  • This model can produce prints three times faster than previous models.
  • This printer can print up to A0 in size. This would therefore suit engineers and architects who use programs such as Auto Cad. These can be produced in 25 seconds.
  • The ink cartridges range in size from 40 ml to 300 ml. It is advisable to use a larger size if possible. This will prevent constant changing and will be more economical in the long run, especially if the printer is used a lot.
  • There is on site dust protection. A rugged case is provided to give protection if the printer is to be transported.
  • A simple to use touch screen that can be operated like a smart phone.
  • This can cut paper waste by 50%, and can print at half size using an automatic sheet feeder or tray. It cuts down using too many rolls of paper and any extra work that might be involved.
  • An HP DesignJet T830 Multifunction printer does not need LAN, a local area network, in which to operate. This printer has wireless connectivity. All that is needed is a Wi-Fi connection for this system to work.
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